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JobTitleCompany NameLocationPosted Date
Data Modeler DevCare Columbus, Ohio02-21-2018
Data Modeler DevCare Troy, Michigan02-19-2018
IT Architect IV Devcare Solutions Gahanna, Ohio02-14-2018
Data Analyst DevCare Santa Clara, California02-09-2018
Data Engineer DevCare Sunnyvale, California02-09-2018
Teradata Developer DevCare Norfolk, Virginia02-08-2018
BWC Data Modeler Specialist Devcare Solutions Columbus, Ohio02-07-2018
Database Administrator 3 DevCare Dimondale, Michigan02-06-2018
Data Entry Operator 2 Devcare Solutions Harrisburg, Pennsylvania02-05-2018
Oracle Data Analyst DevCare Dallas, Texas02-02-2018
Data Entry Operator 2 DevCare Harrisburg, Pennsylvania02-02-2018
Teradata DevCare Dallas, Texas02-01-2018
SQL Data Engineer DevCare Washingtn, District of Columbia01-30-2018
System Architect DevCare Los Angeles, California01-30-2018
Teradata DBA DevCare Vernon Hills, Illinois01-30-2018
Salesforce Architect DevCare New York, New York01-29-2018
Data Modeler DevCare San Francisco, California01-29-2018
Teradata DBA DevCare Vernon Hills, Illinois01-26-2018
SAB BW Hana Architect DevCare Saint Paul, Virginia01-26-2018
Application Architect DevCare Dimondale, Michigan01-26-2018
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